(Blog) Verses: April 2017 Collection

This blog is a collection of our tweets from various accounts! In 140 characters, they are part prayer, thought, reflection, challenge or something in-between. We look forward to updating them on a monthly basis and we provide them with the hope that they may lead to reflection, musing and perhaps even discussion!

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Good Morning #Winnipeg
we nurture those who shall shine
model to those who shall lead
care for those who shall upon our shoulders stand

Inspired by nurture’s discipline …

with gentle awareness of Blessing you are
with awakening in caring for self worlds change
with compassion creation centred

Inspired by rage harnessed …



Beneath thin veneer
consumerised shadowed
the We that shines
like light radiant
beckons brightly blazing
collectively cascading Immanence

Inspired by light that gathers as particle and emanates as wave …

Good Morning #Winnipeg
As we slumber arise
into today’s potential
may we nurture in one another
growth’s resilience
& tenderness’ touch

Inspired by letting go of ego to inspire confidence in the Other …

Culture of shackles
free we are meant
liberation of Self
begins in relationship with Other
that which binds
we illusion shatter

Inspired by freedom realised …




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Within shadows
parading ego as truth
bluster as fact
deep within us
wisdom flourishes
thriving when tenaciously
humility & compassion awake

Inspired by life tenacious …

Good Morning #Winnipeg
In back lanes rarely trod
upon boulevards often journeyed
in places silent & raucous
dawning Light whispers life anew

Inspired by Easter’s first light …



To that which our attention is drawn
is the world that we create
In intention’s attention
that which we appreciate
will reality be

Inspired by direction’s gaze …

Like apple blossoms let go from tender branch embrace
As leaves fill warm autumnal days colour abounding
Give abundantly & generosity be

Inspired by radical generosity …

Good Morning #Winnipeg
Into fear’s narrative
margin’s place
oppression’s quarter
we are beckoned
to be Light’s bearers
kindling Love’s path

Inspired by fear’s fragility …



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Trifle not
for we are not things to be objectified
nor products to be branded
We are each gifted part
collectively becoming
Essence blessed

Inspired by the power of lavender pure …

Good Morning #WinnipegGood Morning #Winnipeg
Into this unfolding day
where shadows are fear dressed
may we
with open hearts
acts of compassion & blessing be

Inspired by fists unfurled …



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