(Blog) Verses: February 2017 Collection

This blog is a collection of our tweets from various accounts! In 140 characters, they are part prayer, thought, reflection, challenge or something in-between. We look forward to updating them on a monthly basis and we provide them with the hope that they may lead to reflection, musing and perhaps even discussion!

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Projectile’s force
baton’s fury
whip’s fell
palely shadows
power’s true source
In mind awoken
consciousness blooms
worlds change
peace begins

Inspired by power’s truth …

Inside of Self
beyond inner eye
harmony calls
Vitality aliveness hums
Brother Rock chants
Sister Bird sings
To recognise
sight sound relies

Inspired by hearing the unheard …



Good Morning #Winnipeg
In our midst
fear’s mantra rises
March we reply
in solidarity
division’s mask removed
& diversity’s unity revealed

Inspired by those who choose to defend human rights …

As river brook babbles
As leaves flutter freely
Joy calls in shadow’d times
beckoning appreciation & abundance
to reveal potential promised

Inspired by joy apparent …

Awakening’s journey
neither straight nor linear
Deconstruct who we’re told we are
discover who we’re meant to be
courageously begins now

Inspired by deconstructing fables …




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Good Morning #Winnipeg
In spaces sacred
tears shed
vulnerabilities exposed
it is in listening that healing offered
knits community tender

Inspired by care tenderly offered …

Without expectation
or benefit
Love selflessly invites us
to support
for one another
so as one
all may rise

Inspired by care Valentine unfolding …

We are each
vessels blessed
intimately formed & blown
shaped as reflection unique
of a Universe infinite in wonder
& diversity unknowable

Inspired by limitless variations in colour …

Good Morning #Winnipeg
In revealing ourselves
bare laying stories
joy & tear threaded
We begin to see ourselves
as #community caring called

Inspired by stories bravely shared …

Amidst chaotic potential
as fear & possibility frenetically dance
persistent patience inspires strength resilient
to spy promise rallying

Inspired by centre’s calm …



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How loud they yell
predicts how high
our knee jerks
In tumult’s uproar
impatience stirs
Yet in resistance
patience guides
ego’s eclipse

Inspired by patience’s wisdom …

Good Morning #Winnipeg
On streets named & unnamed
In moments noticed & unseen
In stories told & shelved
Compassion’s act
unlimited abounds

Inspired by compassion’s narrative …



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