(Blog) Verses: March 2017 Collection

This blog is a collection of our tweets from various accounts! In 140 characters, they are part prayer, thought, reflection, challenge or something in-between. We look forward to updating them on a monthly basis and we provide them with the hope that they may lead to reflection, musing and perhaps even discussion!

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Amidst swirling Shadows
adrift in doubt’s lull
we dissolve
Yet in Light’s bare glimpse
Truth eternal reveals
divine spark we are

Inspired by faith evidenced in doubt …

At our centre
Light eternal
brightly blazes
with each tear cast
laughter roused
hand tender held
story heard
that much more
we become

Inspired by tenacity that threads community in vulnerability shared …



Good Morning #Winnipeg
May we commit
awareness awakening
authentic relations fostering
& nurture wonder revealing
you in me
& me in you

Inspired by the promise of embracing all my relations …

Sitting in tears
often avoided
frequently dismissed
is knitting healing’s journey
wounded weft’s weave
with what was & is
into what will be

Inspired by tracing falling tears …

Revealing ourselves
step bravely taken
In other’s reflection
we are invited to recognise
within Self
the birthright of peace unshakeable

Inspired by sharing ourselves bravely …




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Good Morning #Winnipeg
From Headingley to Transcona
stories courageous untold abound
In places obscure
fear sways
compassion confident frees

Inspired by freedom attained by acts courageous …

Garden fallow
soil dressed humus brown
colour’s spark
life divine
ever distant seems
Like tulip’s bulb
passing day closer
bloom you shall

Inspired by soil’s spring awakening …

As mind & spirit dance
two lovers harmony entwines
meaning awakens
vanity’s illusion dispelled
revealing purpose realised

Inspired by intimacy’s intertwined intention …

Good Morning #Winnipeg
When voices contend to silence
& words parse intend
May with courageous abandon
we be heart’s compassionate strength

Inspired by compassion’s fortitude …

from slumber stirs
To fully awaken
transformation’s wisdom
whisper within ever-present beckons
revealing choices’ journey unfolding

Inspired by wisdom awakening …



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Through light dimly filtered
what was flat shadowed wall
slowly into focus comes
lines & curves
portals & entries
choice doorways reveal

Inspired by wardrobes that lead to new worlds …

Good Morning #Winnipeg
Downward spy
often journey isolated seems
Yet with head held high
we awaken recognising
in you
in me
In us

Inspired by the power of posture proper …



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