(Blog) Verses: May 2017 Collection

This blog is a collection of our tweets from various accounts! In 140 characters, they are part prayer, thought, reflection, challenge or something in-between. We look forward to updating them on a monthly basis and we provide them with the hope that they may lead to reflection, musing and perhaps even discussion!

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Within perfection’s unity
each bears rightness inherent
With intention
connect with nature true
& so reveal
we eternal Essence embrace

Inspired by the power of Pi …

Amidst doubt’s veil
& lulling inadequacy’s shadows
bravely surrender self
freeing binding ties
to discover Light
you were born to share

Inspired by the choice of self-surrender …



Good Morning #Winnipeg
In asphalt days’ tumult & clamour
May we seek space
soul restore
Me we tenderly embolden
revitalising nurture

Inspired by deep breath drawn …

Without motive ulterior
may we be compassion
Without subterfuge subtle
may we be mercy
Without ego limiting
may we be confident care

Inspired by what we can do collectively …

In this moment
cleansing breath drawn
Transcend limits
of discord’s voice
so that as you shine
so shall I
so shall We all

Inspired by the transcending of self …




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Good Morning #Winnipeg
Moments sacred
water binds us together
flowing between lives
connecting happen chance
with rippling limitless love

Inspired by rituals sacred …

That which brightly emanates
from the core of our being
brightly shines
as eyes awaken to beauty external
reflecting the sublime within

Inspired by the synergy when beauty within emanates without …



In soundscapes where silence drowns
In vistas that overwhelm serenity
Be Still
Stand Tall
Breath Deeply
Eyes Closed
We are still being One

Inspired by breath’s cleansing course …

Good Morning #Winnipeg
Day’s dawning
within labyrinth’s walk
invites wisdom’s potential possibility
as realised & recognised awakening

Inspired by light’s labyrinth dawning …

Discord sown
Fear fermenting
Yet in Harmony’s cadence
we are notes’ scaling
each reverberating
Universe’s chorus

Inspired by the resilience that music inspires …



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On this day of potential
three gifts
upon which reflective pause
invites awakening
Present become
Actions’ intention
Habits” impulse

Inspired by the potential in three …

Good Morning #Winnipeg
Like individual sand’s grain
fields dressed beige
we lie divided
When passion fired
as art dressed glass
we inspire

Inspired by spiral’s art …



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