(Blog) Verses: September 2017 Collection

This blog is a collection of our tweets from various accounts! In 140 characters, they are part prayer, thought, reflection, challenge or something in-between. We look forward to updating them on a monthly basis and we provide them with the hope that they may lead to reflection, musing and perhaps even discussion!

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In consuming’s distraction
& acquisition’s lull
Appreciation beckons
possessions define us not
It is our intention
that which we are

Inspired by recognising how appreciation’s embrace reveals who we are …

We are Light
each a spark Divine
that contains promise
illumines hope
care unconditional
When ego released
unfettered compassion
we become

Inspired by Light’s guidance …



Dreaming dreams
when hands intertwine
voices in harmony sing
feet in solidarity dance
That which is
promising to become
what will be

Inspired by the pause between what is and what will be …

Like a wave
it pervades all that is
Like a spark
it illumines even the darkest sojourn
Like air ubiquitous
unconditionally embraces all

Inspired by light’s various states of being …

Fear bulwark stands
Hurt’s harm insidious weaves
Vulnerability’s strength paradox
In letting go pain fright woven
forgiveness bloom portends

Inspired by forgiveness’ liberation …




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Good Morning #Winnipeg
When winds blow & tear
ground shakes & shatters
& water crests & drowns
May our humbling
reveal compassion’s response

Inspired by mother nature’s awful might …

The life we lead
unfolds through choices made
That which we sow
grows in soil we nurture
In decision’s pause
may Love ever potential whisper

Inspired by celebrating being a change agent …



No incantation
nor technology
will match
the Light within us
It is when we imagine
that the power to change our world

Inspired by claiming the power within …

Good Morning #Winnipeg
to which we aspire
invites us to awareness
& perseverance
there is no Them
only We

Inspired by the awakening change brings about …

As wisdom vision births
fear fretting fades
As deep listening insight reveals
divisions arbitrary fade
When us begets we
awakening dawns

Inspired by the gift of a story …




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Unto the hereafter
sometimes too much
do we pine
Whatever may be
as light’s particle wave becomes
What now we do
lives on in those we touch

Inspired by imagining the hereafter …

Good morning #WinnipegIn this moment
whether frantic or calm
breathe deeply
holding that blessed gift
feel yourself grounded
to the vibrant pulse
that is Creation

Inspired by the heart pulses within the earth …


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