At Maya Consulting, we believe that we have the potential to affect our lives and reality. We believe that the words we use determine the story of our lives. Whether we walk with people or communities, it has been our experience that as we move closer to an integrated self (mind, spirit and body), we can harness the potential that we are. To this end, Maya Consulting attempts to nurture three facets of everyday life in the 21st Century – Community, Digital Design and the Self.


Whether you are seeking assistance with the community of which you are a part (small business, corporate context of NGO & faith-based communities), in order to harness the best that you have been to determine the trajectory of next month, next year or further beyond, at Maya Consulting we believe our comfort in change, conflict and potential can be realised through a methodology of appreciation!

Digital Design

Whether you are seeking to express yourself through a website or an entire social media infrastructure, at Maya Consulting we believe a relationship with our clients allows us to translate your passion and values into a creative and aesthetically appealing reflection digitally of the passion that is your core.


For too long, we have been lulled to believe that there is a division between Mind, Body and Spirit. This false dichotomy leads – too often – to a longing for something more, a desire to embrace a larger reality that we know is there, yet the vocabulary is lacking. At Maya Consulting we will walk with you, help you listen for your own wisdom in order for to embrace your potential and awaken to the gift that you are.

Your reflections are most welcome!