Page: SRMTShelly & Richard Manley-Tannis’ relationship began in 1993 at Trent University over an appropriate meal of greens and salads within the bohemian reality of exploring new ideas, thoughts and values. During that discussion the conversation evolved into an exploration of faith, spirituality and how we understood the Holy in our lives! Since that time we have lived throughout Ontario, Northern Saskatchewan and now reside in Winnipeg. This journey of life has blessed us with dear friends, family, animal companions and the children in our lives who humble us, bring mirth and age old questions that remain unanswered. We previously shared a ministry with one another and now find ourselves serving different ministries within The United Church of Canada. We feel that Maya Consulting allows us an opportunity to share our gifts and skills with a larger and pluralistic secular culture in which the same questions of faith exists, yet at times it seems that guides and companions are hard to find.

Maya Consulting allows us to integrate our sense of an interconnected reality and Universe within a diverse set of facets: Consulting, Design and Spirit. Though we see the our lives through a lens of faith, we are well aware that spiritual truths come in many voices, but central to them is a unified sense of abundance and goodness. Whether you are seeking personal direction and grounding or are an organisation that wants to find the deeper threads and connexions that can transform you into a life-giving and appreciative community, we would be excited to explore such a potential relationship with you!

About Shelly

Shelly holds an MA in Canadian Studies, an M. Div. from Queen’s Theological College and is an Associate of the Prairie Jubilee Program for Spiritual formation and Direction. She enjoys combining her love of history, story, Creation, and people when she works with individuals and groups. Some of the experiences Shelly brings to her work include Enneagram studies, experience with the Centre for Courage and Renewal, archetypes and 15 years of ordained ministry in the United Church of Canada.

Spiritual Direction or Companioning is a part of her life’s work that Shelly truly enjoys. The chance to meet with people to help listen for and name God’s presence in their lives and to be witness to another’s inner growth is a real gift.

About Richard

Richard holds a BA(Hons) from Trent University, MA from Queens University, Diaconal Ministry Diploma from the Centre for Christian Studies, and an MTS from St. Stephen’s College. During his studies and in continuing education since completion of his degrees, Richard has had a focus of working on issues of Transformation and Action. Richard is also PhD Candidate with the Taos Institute. His extensive work and experience in the area of conflict management is another set of skills that he brings to Maya Consulting.

Richard’s work with the organization and development tool, Appreciative Inquiry, is central to his passion. He believes that we are often overwhelmed by the challenge of changing times, cutbacks and lack of resources and Richard holds a view that “..we are awash in abundance but we have been lulled by the world’s illusion of deficit.”

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(Spirit) Ministry & Spiritual Companioning

It is with excitement that we share a recent interview by the Selkirk Record in which Shelly discusses ministry, spiritual direction/companioning and the gift of rich history at Little Britain United Church (Page 14: Complete Selkirk Record Below Image).

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Selkirk Record


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(Spirit) Prairie Jubilee Events: Oct 18-20/13

It is with excitement that Maya Consulting shares a few upcoming events in which Shelly is involved as an Associate of the Prairie Jubilee Programme:

Care of the soul
for the soul who cares

A natural “next step” for those offering Spiritual Direction is this every-­‐other-­‐ year opportunity for retreat and learning.

This weekend event will be a refresher in the PJP “container” and a chance to renew, deepen and practice accompaniment skills including opportunities for feedback through a Supervision experience.

This year’s retreat, Care of the Soul for the Soul Who Cares, is facilitated by Karen Scott Barss.

The retreat will offer opportunities for participants to deepen their current contemplative practice(s) and explore a variety of new practices to support their own well-­‐being and that of those they serve. Practices will be determined by participants’ needs and interests, drawing upon, but not limited to those featured at the Contemplative Practices Tree.

The retreat will also integrate insights from the Enneagram to help discern what practices might best resonate with one’s present way of being in the world.

Soul Mentoring
Intensive retreat for contemplative supervision

Contemplative Supervision is a continuing education/formation intensive for Supervisors and those wishing to become Supervisors in the contemplative tradition. It includes a practicum that will intersect with workshop on Soul Care.

This extended weekend program offers experience in the practice of offering supervision. It is intended for those with more than 3 years experience in their field of spiritual direction, chaplaincy, order of ministry, pastoral, or clinical counselling. The weekend explores the nature and challenges of contemplative supervision.

This year the ancient symbol of the Enneagram will guide us through such topics as ethical behaviour, the value and importance of the person and community, accountability, and competence. The symbol invites a myriad of questions for our exploration, conversation, and practical application such as: What is spiritual abuse? How are “knowing” and “self-­‐knowing” related? How do we live deep intrinsic and extrinsic valuing?

These are basic to our nature. They are our body’s knowing how to take care of itself and they help us relate to “other”, nature, our social environment and the cosmos.

When: October 18-20, 2013
7 pm to 9 pm Friday
9 am to 4 pm Saturday
9 am to noon Sunday

When: October 18-20, 2013
9 am to 4 pm Fri & Sat
9 am to noon Sunday

(See Brochure Below)

(See Brochure Below)

Where: St. Benedict’s Conference Centre

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(Spirit) Little Britain United Church

It is with excitement that Shelly shares a new path on her journey as she walks into spiritual leadership at Little Britain United Church, Lockport, MB, as of July 2013. She looks forward to the opportunity to connect her past experience with Canadian History, ongoing commitment to a faith community and exploring new opportunities to continue her companioning as a spiritual director and her work with the Centre for Courage & Renewal programme!

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