Deep Listening

Self-knowing takes intention. Awakening to the universe requires inner work. This is not always easy to do, but the potential to become aware that one is more than the habits we have learned only begins when we embrace that we have choices to make. Naming, claiming and understanding these choices often become apparent in the trust that evolves as one companions with another person along the Way.

This is what we call Spiritual Direction, an ancient path in many faith traditions. The chance to share deeply from one’s heart in safety and to be truly heard is rare in this world. This regular hour of intention focused on spiritual health is transformative.

Maya Consulting, through such tools and techniques of Active Listening, the Enneagram, and Archetypes Typologies, has journeyed with people to become aware of the potential that they are. We would be honoured to explore how we might walk with you to acknowledge and integrate the wisdom that you already possess for this journey called Life.

Spiritual direction explores a deeper relationship with the spiritual aspect of being human
Simply put, spiritual direction is helping people tell their sacred stories everyday …
Lizz Budd Ellmann

(Spirit) Taste of Jubilee

We are excited to share the following invitation from our friends and partners at the Prairie Jubilee Programme:

Post: Jubilee

Come Get a Taste of Jubilee!

April 27, 7:00 to 8:30 pm
47 Bronstone Blvd., Winnipeg MB
We’ll be gathering to share stories and insights about Jubilee. The focus will be to provide information to anyone interested in the program. The next two-year cycle starts September 15, 2016.
You will hear from leaders, alumni and current students, with lots of time at the end for one-on-one discussions.

For more details on the program please visit

(Spirit) Prairie Jubilee: Now Accepting Applications

As a member of Prairie Jubilee, Shelly is excited to share the following information about the 2014-2016 Cycle. If you have any questions about the programme, please follow the link below or contact Shelly:

The Enneagram

The Enneagram

The Prairie Jubilee Program is a two year training program in spiritual formation and Spiritual Direction. It follows a mentorship model with home-based practicum requirements. The program uses the enneagram symbol of transformation as a map of the inner life. It involves:

  • understanding oneself and others;
  • being faithful to one’s inner soul life that sees no divide between heart and intellect;
  • opening to the world of spirit while being grounded in the Christian tradition;
  • practicing forms of service, meditation and prayer that can transform our lives.Integrative elements are consciously woven into each day, and prayer and study provide contemplative dimensions; and,
  • more information can be found on the Prairie Jubilee website … CLICK HERE

Prairie Jubilee seeks to explore the interrelationship of body, soul & spirit.

(Spirit) Prairie Jubilee Events: Oct 18-20/13

It is with excitement that Maya Consulting shares a few upcoming events in which Shelly is involved as an Associate of the Prairie Jubilee Programme:

Care of the soul
for the soul who cares

A natural “next step” for those offering Spiritual Direction is this every-­‐other-­‐ year opportunity for retreat and learning.

This weekend event will be a refresher in the PJP “container” and a chance to renew, deepen and practice accompaniment skills including opportunities for feedback through a Supervision experience.

This year’s retreat, Care of the Soul for the Soul Who Cares, is facilitated by Karen Scott Barss.

The retreat will offer opportunities for participants to deepen their current contemplative practice(s) and explore a variety of new practices to support their own well-­‐being and that of those they serve. Practices will be determined by participants’ needs and interests, drawing upon, but not limited to those featured at the Contemplative Practices Tree.

The retreat will also integrate insights from the Enneagram to help discern what practices might best resonate with one’s present way of being in the world.

Soul Mentoring
Intensive retreat for contemplative supervision

Contemplative Supervision is a continuing education/formation intensive for Supervisors and those wishing to become Supervisors in the contemplative tradition. It includes a practicum that will intersect with workshop on Soul Care.

This extended weekend program offers experience in the practice of offering supervision. It is intended for those with more than 3 years experience in their field of spiritual direction, chaplaincy, order of ministry, pastoral, or clinical counselling. The weekend explores the nature and challenges of contemplative supervision.

This year the ancient symbol of the Enneagram will guide us through such topics as ethical behaviour, the value and importance of the person and community, accountability, and competence. The symbol invites a myriad of questions for our exploration, conversation, and practical application such as: What is spiritual abuse? How are “knowing” and “self-­‐knowing” related? How do we live deep intrinsic and extrinsic valuing?

These are basic to our nature. They are our body’s knowing how to take care of itself and they help us relate to “other”, nature, our social environment and the cosmos.

When: October 18-20, 2013
7 pm to 9 pm Friday
9 am to 4 pm Saturday
9 am to noon Sunday

When: October 18-20, 2013
9 am to 4 pm Fri & Sat
9 am to noon Sunday

(See Brochure Below)

(See Brochure Below)

Where: St. Benedict’s Conference Centre

Icon: PDFCare of the soul

Icon: PDFSoul Mentoring

(Spirit) Little Britain United Church

It is with excitement that Shelly shares a new path on her journey as she walks into spiritual leadership at Little Britain United Church, Lockport, MB, as of July 2013. She looks forward to the opportunity to connect her past experience with Canadian History, ongoing commitment to a faith community and exploring new opportunities to continue her companioning as a spiritual director and her work with the Centre for Courage & Renewal programme!

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