(Consulting) An Appreciative Inquiry Workshop: Aug 19-22/13

It is with excitement that Maya Consulting welcomes Maureen McKenna of Innovation Works, as she leads an Appreciative Inquiry Workshop at Little Britain United Church, just passed the Perimeter Highway just outside of Winnipeg. Richard has been privileged to work with Maureen as both a Mentor or Coach. As he will be co-facilitating & participating during this event, we invite you consider this learning opportunity as one way in which you might be the change agent in your own life and/or the organisation with which you walk. Please see the poster below for further information in respect to details and registration.

What: Appreciative Inquiry Workshop
When: August 19-22/13 (0830-17:00: Continental breakfast at 0830. Starting 09:00)
Where: Little Britain United Church (5879 Manitoba 9, Lockport, MB R1A 2P7)
Cost: $1650.00+tax

The following invitation has been extended by our facilitator, Maureeen McKenna:

Invitation to do some reading or watching video(s) as pre-work. I know that some people like to do some pre-work before coming to the session and others may not have the time to do this, so please note that this is not mandatory or a pre-requisite for the course.

I have highlighted a variety of resources below. I will be providing this list and more in the resource section of the materials you will receive, please don’t feel that you have to go through all of these resources before the session. Not knowing exactly your are of focus, I have provided a variety of videos/articles representing a variety of topics and sectors.

Video: David Cooperrider interview at Drucker School of Business. In the interview David shares his perspective of the value of AI within organizations today. (recommend that you watch the first video if you are unfamiliar with AI)

Video: AI & Sustainability (Fairmont Minerals Mining Company)

Video: AI & Improvements (Hunter Douglas Factory Production)

Video: AI (Roadways Express)

Articles: I invite you to read one or more of the following articles. At our public workshops we attract people from across the spectrum. I hope that one or more of the articles below will be informative to your specific area of focus.

Article: The Essentials of Appreciative Inquiry
This article will give an overview and recommend it if you are unfamiliar with AI.

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Article: Warren Bennis Magazine Leadership Excellence, March 2012.
The March edition has articles from Case Western University on their Deep Dive leadership program. David Cooperrider has an article on page 3 & 4, called Three Circles of the Strengths Revolution.

Article: Appreciative Inquiry & Positive Psychology (The Journal of Corporate Citizenship Issue 46). This article by David Cooperrider & Ron Fry describes how AI supports positive psychology. PERMA is from the book by Martin Selgiman called Flourishing: P-Positive Emotion; E-Engagement; R-positive Relationships; M- Meaning; A-Accomplishment/Achievement

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Article: Organizational Change. David Cooperrider explores Innovation-Inspired Organizational Development (IPOD), which he describes as the next generation of Organizational Development.

Report: Employee Engagement: Essential Techniques for Employee Engagement. Published by Melcrum, Global Research and Training for internal communications. A colleague Caryn Vanstone wrote the section on Appreciative Inquiry and you can access this report for free by going to her website and downloading it:

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