(Design) Canadian Culinary Federation: Winnipeg

Logo: CCFCCIt is an honour to highlight our newest relationship with the Winnipeg Branch of the Canadian Culinary Federation (CCFCC). After exploring their needs, their previous website presence and what their hopes were in respect to integrating the work they do in Winnipeg more intentionally with social media, we began a refresh in 4Q 2014. After renovating the branding of their social media platforms, we began to transfer their old site, domain and hosting to a new provider. During our conversations and listening to CCFCC’s passion to connect both with its member and the larger community of Winnipeg, we decided on a WordPress theme and layout that would allow them to embrace a dynamic site that will help them meet their goals for their May 2015 signature event and beyond!

Logo: CCFCCCCFCC’s presence includes a Dynamic Site and also utilises Facebook &  Twitter as its primary social media platforms. As our relationship evolves, we are also grateful for the trust to also provide the Federation with Maintenance of its website & to provide ongoing support in respect to the branding of its social media presence. This experience with CCFCC has been exciting for many reasons, one of which is the reminder that a web presence is more than a means by which people might garner information. Just as CCFCC supports chefs, suppliers and people working in the hospitality industry, we hope our care of their online activity allows them to do the work their Non-Profit organisation has done not only well since 1972, but to excel vibrantly!

Your reflections are most welcome!