(Design) The Handyman Option

For our friend at The Handyman Option (THO), a static, billboard style website was discerned to be the best way to offer an opportunity to establish a web presence. As the nature of this small business is grounded in personal relationship, anything other than this strategy seemed unnecessary.

The Handyman Option

The Handyman Option

A Static Site can be compared to a billboard, in that it presents information that usually does not require regular adjustment of modification. Though the Static Site might have multiple pages, once it is deployed, there is little content change and what does require adjustment is usually more in respect to general updates (i.e. price adjustments, scope of project parameters, descriptions of services).

After deploying the Static Site, THO has generally maintained and operated the site on their own. Our experience with THO reflects well the manner in which Maya Consulting attempts to first get to know our clients, prior to assuming what might be best. Walking through an intentional time to listen and discover what is important to those with whom we work, we often discover that the wisdom and experience of our clients is a far better resource to establishing an effective online presence.

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