(Design) The United Church in Meadowood

For six years, The United Church of Meadowood (UCiM) has been using a robust and multi-layered Social Media Infrastructure. In many ways, this is the growing area for a web presence in such pursuits that ranges from business and entrepreneurial endeavours to NGOs and faith-based communities. An infrastructure is often – though not bound to – a (Static/Dynamic) Site that makes use of other social media platforms (i.e. twitter, facebook, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest). Establishing such a presence within this area often begins with understanding that your web presence is as much about potential relationships as it is in sharing your passion, whether that’s a product, vision or dream!



UCiM, as a faith community, has utilised a Social Media Infrastructure to share their understanding of what it means to be an inclusive and hospitable community that encourages belonging and affirming of all people. In order to meet this objective, UCiM has used such Social Media Platforms as YouTube, twitter, Google+, facebook and the platform specific to The United Church of Canada, Wondercafe. To that end our relationship with UCiM, until 2013, has evolved to include more than 1000 Followers, Likes, and Circles. It has been a journey that has reminded us that the digital environment is not removed from our everyday lives. In fact, our experience has affirmed what more and more sociological studies demonstrate: people who engage with social media are, in fact, demonstrably more trusting and engaged in their everyday lives than otherwise is assumed.


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