(Design) Exercise Your Options

For our client, Exercise Your Options (EYO), a simple, clean and effective Static Site was determined to best convey the intention of the business.

Exercise Your Options

Exercise Your Options

A Static Site can be compared to a billboard, in that it presents information that usually does not require regular adjustment of modification. Though the Static Site might have multiple pages, there is little content change once it is deployed. What does require adjustment is usually more in respect to general updates (i.e. price adjustments, scope of project parameters, descriptions of services).

As a small business, we were aware that a billboard style web presence was important for EYO. For EYO, having a business card on the internet was sufficient and the driving force behind this endeavour would be and is word-of-mouth testimonials. After deploying the Static Site, EYO has generally maintained and operated the site on their own. It has been and is an honour to have the trust of such entrepreneurs extend to us as they present their passion within a digital and interconnected environment such as the internet!

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