(Design) Talking Water Project

Our most recent client, Talking Water Project (TWP), invited us into a conversation that has allowed us to stretch and grow. As we have explored TWP’s hopes as an NGO – which intends to inspire people into action through the use of various artistic media – we have utilised a social media infrastructure in new ways.

In many ways, this is the growing area for a web presence in such pursuits that ranges from business and entrepreneurial endeavours to NGOs and faith-based communities. An infrastructure is often – though not bound to – a (Static/Dynamic) Site that makes use of other social media platforms (i.e. twitter, facebook, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest). Establishing such a presence within this area often begins with understanding that your web presence is as much about potential relationships, as it is in sharing your passion, whether that’s a product, vision or dream!

Talking Water Project

Talking Water Project

TWP’s presence includes a Dynamic Site and also utilises twitter as its primary social media platform. As our relationship evolves, we are also grateful for the trust to also provide TWP with Maintenance & Content Management. This experience with TWP has been exciting for many reasons, one of which is the reminder that a web presence is more than a means by which people might garner information. The visual nature of any site – Static or Dynamic – is as much an expression of your community’s ideas, vision, or products, as it is a digital gallery through which the images used tell the story of who are!


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