(Design) 1JustCity

One of our most recent projects occurred in our ongoing relationship with 1JustCity. 1JustCity (formerly 1Hope Winnipeg) represents a group of non-profit organizations working together towards a brighter future by connecting with, supporting and empowering the most disenfranchised people in the City of Winnipeg. In Richard’s current work with Winnipeg Presbytery, he has had the opportunity to help assist in refreshing the social media presence for the initiative, which has also included redesigning the website.

The initiative harnesses a multi-layered Social Media Infrastructure. In many ways, this is the growing area for a web presence in such pursuits that ranges from business and entrepreneurial endeavours to NGOs and faith-based communities. An infrastructure is often – though not bound to – a (Static/Dynamic) Site that makes use of other social media platforms (i.e. TwitterFacebookGoogle+YouTubePinterest). Establishing such a presence within this area often begins with understanding that your web presence is as much about potential relationships, as it is in sharing your passion, whether that’s a product, vision or dream!

1JustCity’s dynamic website is augmented by utilising several social media platforms: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and YouTube. Since completing the Spring Refresh 2015 for 1JustCity, which has included Design & Deployment, we continue to provide resourcing in respect to Maintenance & Content Management.

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